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Protective film » LoopPET AntiGraffiti ASLAN SRL 96

LoopPET AntiGraffiti ASLAN SRL 96

Scratch-resistant anti-graffiti laminate made from recycled polyester (at least 70 %)

The more sustainable way to protect against graffiti. This self-adhesive, highly transparent, 50 µm gloss laminate, is made from 70% recycled polyester (PCR-PET) and is specifically for the protection of printed media. Due to its special surface coating, the scratch-resistant laminate offers reliable protection against spray paint and contamination from permanent markers. Therefore, graffiti can be easily removed residue free. Aggressive anti-graffiti cleaners can also be used regularly without damaging the surface.

Like all ASLAN laminates, it is equipped with an adhesive that also allows lamination on UV prints without silvering.


  • Long-term protection of printed materials as well as other flat or slightly curved, smooth surfaces against graffiti and dirt
  • Protects surfaces in public areas such as schools, stores, lounges, sanitary rooms
  • For indoor and outdoor walls, train stations, airports, elevators and all unattended places where vandalism can be carried out undetected
Product advantages
  • Raw material made from at least 70 % recycled polyester (PCR-PET)
  • A more sustainable development of the renowned AntiGraffiti ASLAN SL 95
  • Graffiti can be removed from the surface without damaging the film
  • Excellent cleaning properties (can be cleaned with aggressive cleaners)
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Highly transparent, with a gloss finish
  • Solvent-free, high-tack adhesive, also compatible with UV curable inks
  • PVC-, VOC- and solvent-free product
  • No shrinkage
  • Classified according to flame retardant standard Euroclass EN 13501-1 (B - s1,d0)
  • Outdoor durability of up to 5 years

Face film

polyester with special coating (70 % content of post-consumer recycled polyester)


50 µm


Polyacrylic pressure sensitive adhesive

Adhesive properties


Release liner

Siliconised polyester film, ~ 35 g/m²


Smooth surfaces

Outdoor durability

5 years


50 m x 1,37 m