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Magnetically-receptive ferrous film » ReApply FerroWhiteboard ASLAN RA 650

ReApply FerroWhiteboard ASLAN RA 650

Adhesive, reusable ferrofoil with glossy whiteboard surface

The products from the ASLAN ReApply series are ASLAN functional films that are equipped with a revolutionary adhesive system and can be easily applied to smooth surfaces.  The top of the ReApply is a combination of different variations of the well-known ASLAN memo board films.

After use the ASLAN ReApply can be rolled up, stored away and used again when required.

The face film of the ReApply FerroWhiteboard ASLAN RA 650 is equipped with the combination of a magnetic iron foil and an easy-to-clean whiteboard foil. For example, glass and kitchen surfaces, doors, tiles, etc. can be transformed into memoboards in no time at all. Additionally, using whiteboard markers, it is guaranteed to clean easily without the ghosting effect of former writing. When it is no longer needed simply remove it, roll it up and store it away for later use. If ReApply does not adhere well to the surface, such as matt and slightly textured surfaces, this can be increased by lightly spraying the back of the film with water.



  • Application on smooth surfaces and slightly textured surfaces using water
  • Creates an area to communicate ideas, which can be taken away for future reference
  • Creation of organisation boards for restaurants, bars, schools, kindergartens, offices or at home
  • Easy conversion of surfaces such as windows, doors, kitchen surfaces, tiles, etc. into matt whiteboard surfaces without permanently changing the room structure.
Product advantages
  • Reusable communication surface with removable adhesive back
  • Easy to use on most smooth surfaces
  • High iron powder content for excellent magnetic adhesion
  • Letter with whiteboard markers can be easily wiped dry without leaving shadows of ‘ghost’ former writing
  • Writable with all common whiteboard markers

Face film

PVC-free adhesive layer with Polyethylene film containing iron plus PP-laminate (white, glossy)


780 µm



Adhesive properties


Release liner





Smooth Surfaces


9 m x 1,37 m